The Flag Is A Big Plus!

I arrived fairly early in Zurich but having napped on the plane, I was pretty ready to explore when I got there. The airport was extremely well laid out and the train schedule was easy to follow. I had to walk a little bit to get to my hostel, but the bonus is that Zurich is absolutely gorgeous! The water in the river is a really pretty blue color (not sure if it’s good or bad) and the mountains in the background made it seem like something out of a fairytale.


The air also smelled really fresh, which really is not that common in a lot of the cities I was in. I was quickly falling in love with Switzerland until I went to get something to eat. The street where my hostel was had tons of cool restaurants that smelled amazing as you walked down the street. I went to look at some of the menus outside the restaurants and the prices were insane. A Swiss Franc is almost the same as a US dollar…and a bowl of spaghetti was about 34 CHF. I don’t know about you, but that’s a bit high for me so I opted for a cheaper and less filling option from a grocery store. Everything in Switzerland is expensive, but walking is free.


I walked along the river and found some really beautiful spots. Like most European cities, there are lots of churches. I had my fill of going inside churches a long time ago, so I didn’t go in any. I did admire the architecture though, and how calm the city felt. If it weren’t for the insane prices, I would love to call Zurich home!

The next day I had a fairly slow morning but got myself on the train to Basel. Basel is about an hour and a half train ride from Zurich and I really didn’t do much when I got there since I had an early flight again the next day. The whole reason I went there instead of stay in Zurich is that my flight was from Basel airport and it was so early that there was no way I was going to wake up at 1 am to get there from Zurich.


One day, when I’m rich, I’ll go back to Switzerland and actually be able to do more. I wish the prices weren’t so high because I adored Zurich and Switzerland in general. I did get to have some Swiss chocolate (I splurged for that) and it was divine!

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