Buda – Pula

Well, I’m officially too far behind so I’m going to crank these out while I have some time.

The next stop was Budapest. I actually loved Budapest and I wished I could have stayed longer! I got there and was immediately hot since it was on the warmer side. I got there relatively late in the day too so I only went out for dinner that first night. Nothing too crazy. However, there was a swimming championship meet happening in Budapest when I was there and much to my delight, it was on every television.

I took a free tour the next day after a chill night in, which many of my nights seem to be nowadays. Free tours are always my favorite. This time, my tour guide was a very small lady and I would have lost her so many times in the crowds if it weren’t for the booming voice that didn’t match her stature. We started in a small square that wasn’t too far from my hostel. We then walked down to the river where you can see the Buda side of the city since we were on the Pest side.


We then walked back to go around the Pest side. What I liked about this tour was that they told us the in’s and out’s of Budapest from what to order at a restaurant to what currency exchange offices to avoid. It was a lot of information and a LOT of walking. My ankle was screaming in pain by the end of it. We ended our tour on the Buda side after going up way too many steps.


Budapest was really cool. I think the whole vibe of the city was much more chill than other places I had been. It was also pretty cheap which was a huge plus for the budget traveler! I will definitely be going back to Budapest, but the only problem is..which side do I stay on??

The next morning I woke up already running late. I had an hour to cheap out and get to the bus station from my hostel. I was attempting to run, but I couldn’t with my ankle, as fast as I could to get to my 8am bus so I could get to Croatia on time. I was praying the entire subway ride, shedding a few tears, and getting increasingly more panicked the closer it got to 8am. Spoiler: I made it with 8 whole minutes to spare. Thank god too because I wouldn’t have made it to Pula without that first bus.

I had a half an hour transfer time in Zagreb and finally got on the bus to Pula. It was hot in Croatia so I was sweating a ton, but then was freezing on the bus. I eventually left my towel I was using as a blanket on said bus. Great. I got to Pula at about 6pm on a Sunday but was lucky enough to find a pizza place that was open still. Pizza in Croatia is shockingly amazing. Who knew it was so good there?


I only went to the beach in Pula, but oh my god did I love it! I will definitely be going back to Croatia. I think it is also extremely important to go on a vacation like this though. I’ve been traveling so much and going non-stop that it was nice to take a day and just relax by the sea where the water is clearer than anywhere I’ve ever seen.


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