Czech It Out!

Prague had some pretty crappy weather, but honestly, I wasn’t too bothered by it because I had been overheating in the other cities and I knew it was going to be warm from then on. The rain and cooler temperatures were very welcome in my book. I was able to stay at a hostel that was very close to Prague Square. It’s both a blessing and a curse. Blessing because you are so close to everything like shops, restaurants, and any touristy activities too. Curse because the party never ends in Prague so sleeping can be a challenge. A good set of ear plugs will do the trick, though.

I got to the hostel right around dinner time and I was starving after my bus ride from Munich that was late, plus taking the subway in Prague with a whole new currency and language I didn’t remotely understand. All the stress made me extremely hungry, but luckily there was a restaurant right next to the hostel that I could smell from my window, and man it smelled good.


I got myself a Czech beer and a burger with fries, but before you say anything, hear me out. I get it, a burger with fries is a totally American dish, but I’ve been touring around trying food that is native to each country and place I’ve been and too be honest, a lot of it is very rich. I was hungry but I didn’t want to be uncomfortably full. I saved the goulash for another time and got the burger with no regrets. And hey, it was fantastic.

I spent a couple hours drinking the beer and people watching before finally going upstairs. Traveling itself takes a lot out of you even if you don’t really have to do any of the work. I am constantly exhausted after a day of traveling no matter how long or short it is. Plus, the earlier I go to bed, the earlier I wake up the next day to explore the city.

However, the rain didn’t let up until about 1pm so I stayed in until it slowed down a little bit. Once it cleared up a little bit, I went out toe the Square to look for a free tour of the city. Of course, there were plenty of them so I picked the closest one and went for it. My tour guide was from Slovakia and did an impeccable reenactment of the Astronomical Clock’s hourly “show”.


About half way through the tour, it started raining again. Most people in my group used rain coats but more people on the street were using umbrellas and since my tour guide was very short, we started losing her in the crowds. Every time we eventually found her but there was a small group of us who always ended up at the back of the group and nearly got lost every single time. The tour did have a lost of very useful information and she also told us about some of the best cuisine.


Dinner that night consisted of her recommendations of goulash, Czech beer and a chimney cake with ice cream. I was uncomfortably full but it was totally worth it since everything was so good! This night at the hostel, however, wasn’t that great. My bus wasn’t super early the next day, but early enough where I felt like 11:30pm was a decent time to go to bed. The rest of my room didn’t agree apparently. Most of the people were nice and respectful about how late it was and that there were people sleeping. But another group came in at 3am and turned on all the lights and decided they would take showers before passing out and discussed it rather loudly. If you ever stay in a hostel, even a party hostel, DO NOT DO THIS! You will become the most hated person easily. I simply told them to turn the lights out and be quiet because it was 3am. Someone else in my room decided to throw some choice words at them and his pillow. Clearly I was the most sober one.


Prague was cool. I could have spent a little while longer there but I feel like I got to see a lot of the city in the short time I had there. The traveling is exhausting so when I get to a new city I have to talk myself into going places instead of having a easy relaxing day. But, as I was coming up on half way through my trip and I hadn’t had my own room since Scotland, I decided to skip my one night stay in Bratislava and stay in Vienna an extra night at a hotel. Sometimes, it’s necessary to splurge a little bit just so you can get a full nights sleep and a good shower.

One thought on “Czech It Out!

  1. I didn’t go to Prague, but I recognized most of your pic in Vienna. Think u made a great decision not going to Bratislava. It was nice but a hotel room and good shower and most of all privacy was the better of the deal. Love ya


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