Scotland the Brave!

Hey everyone!

I finally am taking a relaxing day and reflecting on my time in gorgeous Edinburgh. First, the reason I was going there was for my friend’s wedding, so this was not a big exploring stop.

I got to Scotland and it was absolutely pouring rain. While I was so happy to be back, I was becoming aware that my rain coat is not in fact waterproof. Since I’ve been here before, I’m familiar with how to get around Edinburgh. There is luckily a bus that goes directly from the airport to central Edinburgh, but it goes to the bus station…which is at the bottom of the big hill I had to climb up…with 70 pounds of luggage with me. I was really close to shelling out some money for a cab or an uber, but of course since it was raining, there were no free cabs. Basically, the world was telling me to suck it up, buttercup so I just dealt with it. It took me about 40 minutes, but I finally made it to my hostel on the other side of the castle and the Royal Mile from the bus station and it was awesome. The room itself had about 17 other people in it but it was a cool room and the hostel had free coffee and tea, so I was pretty content.

It was still a pretty rainy day so I spent some time inside uploading some photos from Iceland and ran out only to get my SIM card and dinner. The pub I went to was actually a recommendation from my dad. The Last Drop is a small pub on Grassmarket (just on the other side of my hostel) and it is located next to the site of public hangings in the 18th century. Think about the name again….how Scottish is that humor?

All jokes aside, this place was great and the bartenders were so fun to chat with and hang out with. Definitely try to check this place out for a quick drink or bite to eat!

Since I hardly slept the night before, I called it an early night which resulted in me checking every social media outlet for four hours. But I had a couple big days coming up so I needed to be at 100%.

The next morning, my two friends were flying in and we were relocating to an Airbnb just off the Royal Mile. When they got to Edinburgh, we had such a great time. Lunch, naps, and then a free walking tour with an inappropriate history of Edinburgh. We took a free walking tour with a guy named Dougie who was the snarkiest and funniest tour guide and it was kind of a refreshing change from the classic free walking tours I’ve been on. They meet right outside of St. Giles Cathedral if you ever find yourself in need of a fun walking tour of Edinburgh.


We had an early night since the wedding was the next day and we knew it would be a long day. I don’t necessarily want to get into too many details about the wedding since it isn’t exactly something that needs to be public, but it was beautiful and I’m so happy for my friends and they had great weather for such a special day.

Then came the next day. I woke up feeling awful with a cold that seemed to hit me overnight. We found a nice little brunch spot at Deacon Brodie’s Tavern on the Royal Mile, but I made it about another hour or two before I had to go lie down. Once I took some medicine and took a nap, I rallied and went out for another fun tour. My friend found a tour that went down into one of the old streets of Edinburgh that had been closed off.  Mary King’s Close was a really interesting tour that gave you a good look into what life was like in Edinburgh in the past. I highly recommend this tour for anyone! It’s family friendly too!

I know this was a short post and it seemed like I didn’t do much while I was there, but it wasn’t a big exploring stop. The main reason for going was for the wedding and everything else was just a happy adventure. I love Edinburgh though and I hope that everyone can go there some day. Every time I go I find something else I love about it. It’s an absolutely beautiful place and it takes my breath away every time.



2 thoughts on “Scotland the Brave!

  1. Our apartment was right behind Deacon Brodies. Also your dad only knew about the Last Drop because kathy, aunt annie and I went there. It’s my local in EDI


  2. Finally was able to catch up with the post from the beginning of the trip. Now I’ve signed up and should get the remainder of the posts directly. Love ya


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