One More Thing…

Tomorrow’s the day! The day I’ve been preparing for is finally here…and it still hasn’t hit me. I’m getting some waves of emotion every once in a while, but thats it. I’m actually a little concerned that I haven’t had a bigger reaction.

I’ve had some waves of emotion where I tear up without being prompted at all. I have cried a few times and had some REALLY emotional goodbyes. It’s been tough, but it somehow still hasn’t hit me. I know this is going to be the next year (at least) of my life, but it just seems like another week-long trip.

Truth is, I am extremely excited. Tuesday morning, I’ll be waking up in a country I’ve never been to before and seeing things I’ve only seen pictures of. I’ve got some fun things planned for Iceland already stay turned for those. Thursday morning, I’ll be heading the Edinburgh to watch my best friend marry the love of her life and see some of my favorite people in the world. After that, I’m catching a train to my favorite city in the world. The next few weeks have some big adventures and event, but I can’t imagine a better way to start this journey.

Tomorrow morning, I’ll wake up and grab my bags and go. I’m excited, nervous, thrilled, sad, and completely terrified…but also ready for this. I wanted to keep this post short, but I did want everyone to know where I was…currently USA…Three countries in the next 36 hours…starting the adventure!!


Thank you everyone for you endless love and support. I would’t be able to do this without knowing I had so much support behind me.



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